Treatment for Gum Disease in West Plano

Your teeth are held in place by a network of supporting tissue, such as bone and gums. When issues like gum disease compromise supporting structures, teeth can become loose and eventually fall out. Gum disease is common in varying degrees among dental patients, but severe cases cause serious problems for your oral health.

Our Plano, TX dental office is committed to treating gum disease and preventing its progression through comprehensive, individualized care.


Signs that You May Have a Gum InfectionGum Disease

Gum disease is the infection of soft tissue surrounding teeth. When bacteria, debris, and plaque are not cleaned from teeth through good oral health routines, they begin to harden into tartar and collect below the gum line, which causes gum infections (periodontitis).  Symptoms of gum disease include:

• Tender gums
• Puffy tissue or bleeding gums
• Persistent bad breath
• Swelling of soft tissue
• Loosening of teeth

The first signs that many patients notice are bleeding gums or bad breath. While these symptoms are easy to ignore,  they are early indicators that you should visit our Plano dentist, Dr. Yeary, immediately for care. While symptoms can be slow to progress, many patients delay visiting the dentist, which gives gum disease an opportunity to create complicated problems for your oral health. If you are experiencing any of signs of gum disease, please call our friendly dental team as soon as possible for your next appointment.

Reversing the Effects of Gum Disease: Periodontal Care in Plano

Symptoms of gum disease can be effectively managed to avoid damage to teeth. If an advanced case of periodontitis has weakened or damaged teeth, Dr. Yeary provides restorative care to rehabilitate your smile.

We start periodontal care with personalized treatment consultations. You’ll get the opportunity to sit and speak to our hygienists and Dr. Yeary to go over your concerns. Our recommended periodontal maintenance program for your specific needs can include any of the following:

• Deep Cleanings – Where the areas below the gum line are cleaned and tartar is removed from roots of teeth.
• Antibiotics – Signs of infection can be diminished with the use of topical antibiotics applied to teeth and below the gum line after deep cleanings.
• Increased Dental Check-Ups –Patients with a history of gum disease are highly encouraged to visit our office more often for routine cleanings. These visits help to ensure that bacteria and debris are not re-accumulating under the gum line or around teeth.

For patients whose teeth have been severely damaged by gum disease, we offer restorations that can help repair or replace teeth, such as root canals and dental implants. Dr. Yeary and his team help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile that you can enjoy for life.

Questions about Gum Disease Treatment? Contact Our Office!

If you are noticing any signs of gum disease, or are overdue for your next dental check-up, contact our office. We help patients get access to comprehensive gum disease treatment in Plano, TX.


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