Teeth-in-a-Day with All-on-4 Fixed Dentures in West Plano

At Plano Smiles, Dr. Yeary has been providing dentures and partial dentures to patients for decades.  We specialize in private practice quality dentistry and oral surgery that supports best patient care and treatment outcomes.  For patients who are missing all of their natural teeth, or who are struggling with removable dentures, we’re able to provide teeth-in-a-day in Plano, TX with trusted All-on-4 brand permanent dentures.


Removable Dentures vs. All-on-4

Old-fashioned removable dentures may give the appearance that you have a full set of strong and healthy teeth, but denture wearers often find that their appliances become loose throughout the day, or inhibit their ability to speak, eat, and smile with confidence. In contrast, All-on-4 permanent dentures secured with dental implants are:

All on 4 Implant Dentures in PlanoSturdy – The implants are surgically placed and naturally integrate with bone, so they’re as strong as natural tooth roots for keeping new teeth in place. You can bite, chew, and speak without fear of dislodging your dentures.

Comfortable – Your full dentures rest on implant posts, not your gums. You don’t have to worry about loose dentures irritating gum tissue or fitting poorly as gum tissue shrinks from rubbing and slipping dentures.

Low-Maintenance – Removable dentures need to be taken out at the end of each day to be cleaned and must be re-applied each morning with messy denture adhesive. Because fixed dentures are a permanent part of your smile, you can treat them like natural teeth – no special care routine required.

All-on-4 treatment uses the strategic placement of just four dental implants to securely anchor a full arch of new teeth. Implant dentures from our Plano dental office help you get a naturally restored smile that is life-like and comfortable.  Plano Smiles offers one, flat fee for your entire All-on-4 treatment. There are no surprises for extra surgery costs. Your treatment includes oral surgery and dentures, as well as pre and post-operative care; everything is bundled into one price.

The Process for Getting Same-Day Fixed Dentures with All-on-4

Your treatment plan starts with a consultation with Dr. Yeary. During this first visit, Dr. Yeary determines your needs for care, as well as your candidacy for teeth-in-a-day.  We also take impressions and record details of your oral health to send to our board certified oral surgeon for further development of your treatment plan, as well as surgical work-up.

Together, Dr. Yeary and our oral surgeon work together to finalize your treatment. Your last appointment will involve the placement of four dental implants and the attachment of your new teeth. You’ll wake up from treatment with new, permanent teeth. Dr. Yeary will be in the oral surgeon’s office at the time of your appointment, to make any repairs and adjustments to your fixed dentures, as needed.  Plano Smiles is dedicated to providing personalized services for every step of your implant denture treatment.

Get a Whole New Smile with Dental Implants in Just one Day

If ill-fitting dentures, decayed teeth, or total lack of natural teeth have been negatively impacting your health and wellness, there’s no need to wait for care. Our cosmetic and restorative dental office can restore your smile with same-day permanent dentures in Plano. Contact Plano Smiles today for your consultation.



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