Brighten Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening in West Plano

To gain a beautiful and white smile, you don’t have to struggle with ineffective over-the-counter products that can be messy and costly.  Successful at-home whitening regimens from Dr. Mason Yeary provide you with an evenly bright smile without the fuss. Our Plano dental whitening services include trays that are specifically fabricated for the unique contours of your teeth and create predictable whitening results.  

If you have dulled or discolored teeth, Plano Smiles offers services to remove surface stains and uncover your naturally beautiful smile. 


At Home Teeth Whitening from Plano Smiles

Dr. Yeary offers customized whitening kits with professional strength gel that efficiently removes discoloration on dental enamel. In as little as two weeks, and from the comfort of your own home, you can see a visible difference in the shade of your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Services

The ideal patient for bleaching trays has unrestored, natural teeth. It’s important to note that crowns, bridges, and veneers will not appear whiter after treatment. If you have current dental restorations, talk to our cosmetic dentist about shade-matching new restorations to match the color of your freshly whitened teeth. Bleaching your smile does not negatively affect your gum health and is a safe and comfortable way to achieve an aesthetic boost. 

While dental discoloration varies, a few of the common causes are:

Using products that contain tobacco 
Over-fluoridation of the enamel
Drinking red wine
Frequently consuming coffee

Whitening your teeth with customized trays provided by a dental office is one of the few, non-invasive ways to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. If for any reason, your teeth cannot be brightened topically with whitening gels, Dr. Yeary offers beautiful and natural-looking restorations to create a sparkling new appearance for your smile. 

The Teeth Whitening Process with Dr. Yeary

Our practice provides you with compassionate and comprehensive treatment plans created specifically to achieve your desired results. Individualized teeth whitening kits take two dental appointments to complete. To begin crafting your custom trays, Dr. Yeary takes impressions of your teeth. Once your teeth whitening kit is complete, we assure a proper fit by having you try on the trays in-office and make adjustments accordingly. Based on your smile and dental your goals, our dentist recommends when and for how long you should wear the whitening trays. 

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